Positive Pete

A Problematic Process

“I’d never let my clients down like this…” muttered Positive Pete as he reviewed yet another problematic print process.

The challenge Pete was solving for this brand-new client was an all too common one. A decentralised print ordering process that was leading to a woeful lack of brand consistency – a miserable situation made even more stressful by poor stock forecasting.

“No wonder they’re worried,” he mused.

But then he smiled because, as usual, his experience meant he could inform a positively perfect solution.

To address brand consistency, all the comms could be templated with both locked and editable content fields. As well as ensuring a consistent look and feel, easy editing tools meant the templates were simple to use. Next, he considered how to deliver frequently reactive tactical comms in short timescales. “Ah, they’ll love this” Pete exclaimed, as he fleshed out the proposal by recommending Positive’s online portal. “This’ll give them the speed they’re after, and it’s easy to use too.”

He was pleasantly surprised to look up and see Penny Pinchá (the Penny who looked after the pounds) standing there, calculator in hand. “Is that the proposal for  the new client” she enquired, positively overflowing with excitement. “I’ve been scouring the figures,” she said, holding her calculator aloft like an exhibit in a court case. “It’s frightening how much they’re wasting by over-ordering stock… there’s a great opportunity to drive efficiencies there.”

“Perfect, thanks Penny,” Pete replied, making a note to highlight that the portal had in-built stock control.

Pete finalised the proposal and quickly glanced in the mirror. His suit looked sharp, his shoes were gleaming and, as you’d expect from someone who had a reputation for perfection, not a hair was out of place. He packed up the documents and brimming with confidence, headed off to make the new client very happy.

“That’s another positively perfect solution,” he said.

Whether you need to simplify processes, go to market quickly, or just want to ensure you achieve your revenue goals, we can help.

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