We have taken positive steps to ensure we do as little damage as possible to the world around us.  By investing in innovative new technology this has eliminated the use of developer fluid and our business now uses only chemistry-free printing plates. Along with a more environmentally safe impact this cutting edge technology also enhances the quality of the printing finish.


We are committed to running with zero or very low alcohol usage in order to reduce our environmental impact. In conjunction with our reverse Osmosis and water filtration system we are able to keep process deviation to a minimum. Our flagship Heidelberg XL 75-5+L, is a B2 five-colour press with an online coater using the latest technology to reduce waste and improve efficiencies running alongside the colour management of ISO 12647-2:2004 standards.


The past ten years has seen the paper industry become significantly more environmentally aware.

As a FSC certified company we only use paper that has come from responsibly managed and sustainable forests. Our paper sources use environmentally friendly methods of production and waste. At POSITIVE, all our waste paper is collected for recycling.

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