Dynamic Dan

The Terrifying Timescale

“They must be panicking like mad over there,” remarked Dynamic Dan as he reviewed the requirement timescales.

Dynamic Dan could do the most amazing things truncating timelines. For instance, only yesterday he’d helped make a launch a wild success by turning around 80,000 personalised invitations in just one week. And today’s challenge of 5,000, although more modest in comparison, was no less urgent. One thing he knew for sure, was that it could be done. Of that, he was absolutely positive.

“If we could attribute speed requirements, this would be warp nine” said Dan as he rushed through the building at his usual breakneck speed, scattering loose papers from every desk in his wake.

For all the rushing, Dan was remarkably relaxed. Over the years, Positive had invested in its business with cutting-edge technology and built robust processes to ensure they could consistently deliver fast and accurate go to market solutions. It’s why it holds a number of accreditations including ISO9001, and why Dan was able to remain calm even under pressure. “Ok, that’s scheduled,” Dan confirmed, his head buzzing with the task ahead. “Better give the team the heads up.”

The team that Dan was so proud of, faithfully looked after every aspect of the urgent request, from artwork to fulfilment and delivery; very useful when you need 5,000 personalised mailers produced with clean data, filled and sealed in bespoke envelopes and posted out using a range of bests value DSA suppliers, all in a matter of just days.

With the team briefed, Dan rushed back to his office to give the client an update, before heading off to his next meeting – this time with a client who’d been let down badly by a supplier over-promising and under-delivering.

As he drove, he allowed himself a rare moment to reflect on how relieved they sounded on the phone after he’d advised that, yes, it could absolutely and positively be done.

That’s why they say, “Dan? He’s the man that can”.

Whether you need to simplify processes, go to market quickly, or just want to ensure you achieve your revenue goals, we can help.

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